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Intuitive Oracle Reader

Member, International Metaphysical Practitioners Association

Reverend, Church of Metaphysical Humanistic Science
Florida Notary Public

Author of "The Infinite Power of Thought"

Mindset + Motivation = Magic!

Bette Fletcher chose Amber Gryphon as her Spiritual Name and bought her first tarot deck at age 13. She has been a student of Metaphysics for nearly 40 years. While living in New England she was a member of the Circle of the Hearth and Sword studying Earth-Based Spirituality with High Priestess Artemis as taught by Laurie Cabot of Salem, Massachusetts, in the Celtic Tradition. She deepened her Intuitive Oracle Reading abilities as a Certified Holistic Tarot Reader after studying with  internationally known Shaman Cris McCullough.
Bette (who is known in Spiritual Circles as Amber Gryphon) conducted Earth-Based Spirituality Workshops and Tarot Readings at Center for the Soul in Seekonk, Massachusetts for nearly 10 years before moving to the Tampa area.
She is both a Notary Public for the State of Florida and a Reverend with the Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Sciences earning her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences in Punta Gorda, Florida. 
She completed her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Ministry, graduating summa cum laude, after completing her Doctor of Divinity Dissertation entitled "The Infinite Power of Thought." 

Will You Be Tying the Knot Soon?
I'm available to officiate weddings, hand-fastings and other spiritual ceremonies. As an  Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader as well as a Transpersonal Success Coach, I've designed and facilitate numerous workshops in:  
Earth-Based Spirituality/Wicca 101 * Discovering Your Power Animal * Greeting Your Inner Goddess, A Journey through the Labyrinth * The Power of Now * Accountability * The Wheel of the Year : Themed Guided Meditations * Tarot Readings * Full Moon Celebrations.
Sign up for one of my hands-on seminars during which you'll make your own Viking Runes or Celtic Tree Oracle (known as the Ogham).  
My Holistic Readings incorporate the Goddess Oracle,  Animal Oracles, Ogham Tree Oracle, Chakra Color Balancing, Viking Runes and Pendulum interpretations.

Join the Spiritual Circle during monthly full moon celebrations.  
The History Behind My Spiritual Name:
The magickal stone known as Amber appears like liquid sunshine. It transmits a warm, sunny, golden-yellow or orange glowing energy and corresponds with the Chakra of the Solar Plexus, which is the seat of our personal power. The Amber stone  is the fossilized resin of trees bringing us Ancient Wisdom and corresponding with the zodiac sign of Leo. This stone transmutes negative emotional energy and helps open one up to their Divine Blueprint.
The Gryphon (or Griffin) is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head, wings and talons of an eagle and corresponds with the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. Since the lion is known as the King of Beasts and the Eagle the King of Birds, the Gryphon is revered as an especially powerful and majestic creature having been charged by the Divine Universe as the Guardian of Treasures and Priceless Possessions.
In this Earthly Realm, each of us has been given by our Creator two priceless possessions at birth: Our Free Will and our Immortal Soul. These are our greatest personal treasures which should never be squandered.
As a Light-Worker, a Leo and a Nature Lover, the Amber and the Gryphon both strongly resonate with me. It seemed fitting to honor them by working with their protective and healing energies.
I believe that my Life Purpose is to raise the vibration level of as many people as I come in contact with in order for each of us to manifest a spiritually harmonious connection with Earth, Her Creatures, and All That Is.
You can make an appointment by contacting me directly at 813-995-0243. 
Spiritual Nature Metaphysical Success & Transformational Life Coaching
Spiritual Nature is now offering
the following workshops:
*Monthly Themed Guided Meditations *
* Full Moon Circles *
* Tarot Card Reading Workshop *
* The Wisdom of the Trees - Ogham Tree Oracle *
* Got Runes? - Runes Workshop *
* 30 Days to a More Spiritual Life*
*The Power of Now*
* Is Your Third Eye Blind? Intuitive Development *
*Time Management Techniques*
*Assertive Personality Assessment*
*Accountability - Setting and Attaining Goals *
* Private and Group Success Coaching *
* Dream Builder Workshop *
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Tarot and Divination Readings focus on offering practical tools for leading a life filled with inner peace, joy and abundance. Several divination methods are utilized including -- Tarot, Runes, "Goddess" Energy, Totem Animals and Color Energy.
What is Tarot? Tarot cards date back to the Egyptians.  The deck is divided into two sections, The Major and Minor Arcana.  The Minor Arcana consists of four suits related to the four elements (earth, air, fire and water).  The suits are pentacles or discs, wands, swords and cups, respectively.  The Tarot is used as a tool for connecting the subconscious mind with the conscious mind.  The messages received from a Tarot reading are not a set-in-stone prediction of an immutable future but more of a road map identifying where we were, where we are and where we are going. 
As human beings with "free will" we choose our paths in this journey. Think of it like this:  What if you saw the road sign "Slippery When Wet?"  You are driving at night and it is pouring rain, for example.  Upon seeing that sign would you hit the gas as hard as you could or would you slow down and take it easy? The choice is yours but remember that actions do have consequences!  
It is a firm belief among many in this field that the answers to our life's questions lie hidden within ourselves.  By using the Tarot and other forms of divination as holistic guideposts, these answers can be teased out from the deep recesses of our subconscious mind.  By working with practical tools in the physical realm we will speak the language of the subconscious.  Utilizing proven universal principles of positive spiritual energy, you will then be able to tap into your own personal power.
The Path To Spirituality:  While my tradition is that of an Earth-Based Spirituality, I truly believe that there is much to be learned from all spiritual traditions.  In order to attain the highest and best good for yourself and those around you, your chosen road simply must completely resonate with you.  
Growing closer to The Divine means we must understand and appreciate Ourselves, Nature and our Glorious Earth.  
Discovering your spirituality is a journey of discovering and connecting with who you are and how you are in relation to whichever force you believe guides our Universe.
Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, Spiritual Nature Tarot and Success Coaching will provide a supportive, nonjudgmental approach to personal growth. I aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and inner peace -- at every point in their life, and encourage personal and spiritual growth through meditation, prayer and traditional study. 

I invite you to call for a brief discussion of your holistic goals. 
For your convenience telephonic and Skype readings are also available.
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